About Sans Fontières
About Us

Sans Fontières is a design and development studio created by Romain Hervier, with a simple ethos to design. We believe that good design is carefully crafted to respect people’s time. To get there, we work to understand as much as possible on every layers of a project and its system. This mindset is applied to software, print and typeface design.


Romain Hervier is a developer, designer and artist based in Bordeaux, France. He graduated in 2017 from the Université de Bordeaux in psychology. At the end of his studies, he started to work in the book industry where he offered his services for various publishers on award winning books, and for bookshops in the comics and fine arts fields.
Drived by his curiosity for design and his will to craft better tools, he started to learn in details by himself how to things really work.

In 2021, Romain Hervier started the foundations of his design & development studio, Sans Fontières.

Contact Us

The best way to reach us for commission work, technical & commercial support, or any inquiries, is to send us an email.


This website is handmade in Zig and Golang. It is developed, designed, implemented by Romain Hervier, which contents on this website belongs to, unless otherwise attributed. You may use the content in the blog elsewhere under the CC-BY License.